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Professional Laptop Keyboard Repair Maryland
Baltimore | Ellicott City | Columbia | Annapolis

Do you need a laptop keyboard repair in Maryland near Baltimore, Ellicott City, Columbia, or Annapolis?

Whether you are simply missing some keys or had a recent spill in one of the worst places, this page is for you.

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Repairing a Laptop Keyboard

Sometimes a keyboard is still usable for the most part but is damaged in a minor way. Missing keys or keys that only work some of the time are two great examples.

The components of a laptop are condensed by nature, so the luxury of not opening the laptop itself is rather convenient. In most cases, a repair will involve only the exterior of your machine as opposed to needing a more in depth procedure.

Proper laptop keyboard repair is as non-invasive as possible, maintaining the other components of the computer while successfully correcting the problem.

Replacing a Laptop Keyboard

Some situations demand full replacement of your keyboard. Most commonly, an unfortunate spill is to blame for such circumstances.

The make and model of your laptop influences the mending process much more significantly for keyboard replacements than for repairs. This is because you’ll have to open up the computer itself to remove the old keyboard and each manufacturer is different.

Opening up a laptop to repair a keyboard blind may not be such a good idea. In fact, vital components such as the motherboard and hard drive are often located just below the typing surface. In order to avoid further complications, we recommend that you seek out the experts.

Call Today and Have a Fixed Laptop Tomorrow

If you need computer service in Maryland near Baltimore, Ellicott City, Columbia, Towson, Hanover, or the surrounding areas then DSR is happy to lend a hand.

DSR Has Never Let Us Down…

“We have been using DSR Computers exclusively as our source for new computers and network maintenance since we started in 1995. They have never let us down. They’re always there when we need them and help reduce the stress associated with technology malfunctions.

I whole-heartedly recommend them to my colleagues frequently and will continue using them as long as we’re doing business.”

Roger McAurthur, Glen Burnie, MD

Let us know what you’re seeking electronically through our contact form or dial us today at (410) 579-4508.

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