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Laptop Repair in Maryland
Glen Burnie | Columbia | Annapolis | Baltimore

Whether your computer is falling apart, adorned with the Blue Screen of Death, or soaked with an oversized cup of warm java, laptop repair can be very time consuming and costly when you’re uninformed. This article will explore the ins and outs of notebook repair and help you decide whether to do it yourself or call a professional.

Note: The article that follows contains some pretty detailed information. If you’re simply looking to hire a laptop repair expert in Maryland – whether in Baltimore, Hanover, Pasadena, Annapolis, Columbia, or other nearby areas - click here to contact somebody right now.

Is my laptop under warranty?

Your laptop may have a warranty or care plan that includes support and repairs. If you’re unsure about whether or not your notebook is under warranty, just contact us and we can tell you instantly.

If it is under warranty, there is a strong chance that we will be able to fix it for you. One way or the other, before proceeding, check to see if your warranty can cover the repairs. If you’re on your own, let’s start troubleshooting!

Troubleshooting 101

The first step to fixing your computer is identifying the problem. Is there a problem with the physical parts of the laptop (i.e., hardware) or the operating system, applications, and files (i.e., software)?

Is it my software?

According to Wikipedia, there are three major classes of software:

  • System software (Windows 7, Mac OS X, printer drivers, etc.)
  • Programming software (compilers, debuggers, text editors, etc.)
  • Application software (Microsoft Office, TurboTax, Photoshop, etc.)

If your trouble stems from an issue with your system files or applications that is unrelated to your laptop’s physical hardware, you will need to take some additional steps to troubleshoot your software problem. TechSoup offers eleven wonderful tips to help you diagnose your software issues.

Is it my hardware?

Your notebook’s “hardware” encompasses its physical components, including:

  1. Central Processing Unit (CPU) and processor – processes the computer’s tasks
  2. Motherboard – allows the whole system to communicate
  3. Hard disk – stores your files
  4. Memory (RAM) – temporarily store data
  5. Optical disk – your CD ROM / DVD drive
  6. Keyboard and Mouse – obviously necessary to type and navigate the software
  7. Monitor – your laptop’s screen
  8. Computer Case – the outer shell of your notebook

Laptop Repair

Common laptop hardware problems include hard disk failures, overheating, monitor failures, etc. Refer to Barzan Antal’s guide to troubleshooting laptop hardware problems for more information.

DSR Has Never Let Us Down…

“We have been using DSR Computers exclusively as our source for new computers and network maintenance since we started in 1995. They have never let us down. They’re always there when we need them and help reduce the stress associated with technology malfunctions.

I whole-heartedly recommend them to my colleagues frequently and will continue using them as long as we’re doing business.”

Roger McAurthur, Glen Burnie, MD

Call an Expert

If you’re a resident of Maryland living in or around Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, or Howard County, contact DSR today and get your notebook repaired today.

Our phone number is (410) 579-4508. We hope that your laptop issues are solved soon, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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