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tablets-for-schoolsAre you looking for tablets for schools in cities throughout Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Virginia?

Computers have long been a staple in the classroom, but recent years have seen a shift in favor of tablets because of their versatility, portability, and intuitive design.

But what are your options? And how can you make sure you get the best devices for your students’ needs?

Keep reading to discover the features of tablets for schools and learn which options are best to meet the needs of students.

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Your Options for Tablet Computers in the Classroom

The PC tablet is on track to take over the notebook computer in the arena of consumer electronics. According to the Center for Digital Education. schools have followed suit and are widely adopting this trending technology.

Because tablet computers have long battery lives, are lightweight, and easy to store, many students use them for day to day class work activities just as they would a laptop.

Tablet technology also allows teachers to work right alongside their students. Their features allow educators to get work done on the go, in the classroom, or anywhere else.

These touchscreen computers come from a wide variety of well known brands that include:

  • DellTablets like their “Latitude” series are designed to allow freedom and mobility for users. They use the familiar Windows interface that many students have grown up with.
  • ToshibaToshiba offers its “Excite” series, which runs on the Android operating system and provides expandability via its ports. This makes it possible to easily move content between devices.
  • LenovoThese Microsoft Windows-powered machines are designed for collaboration and sharing. With this series of tablet computers, students can work together on common files and access common applications.
  • AcerThese tablets for schools include the “Iconia” series, which has its own Office application. This app allows the user to edit documents made in Microsoft Office while on the go. Combined with its nearly universal wireless printing capabilities, the Acer tablet is a great choice for college students on the go.

Whether your students need to surf the internet or have a single device with which they can view all of their textbooks, the tablets mentioned here will give them a leg-up in their education.

What if your student wants the functionality of a PC and a Tablet in one device? Don’t worry, cutting-edge hybrid PCs like the Fujitsu Lifebook combine the best elements of both to provide a powerful, versatile tool for learning.

Choosing the Best Tablets for Your Student’s Needs

Even when you know your options, making sure your student gets what they need to best serve their education can be a tough task.

Picking a tablet is a lot like choosing a desktop or laptop computer. Look at the specifications and weigh them against the kind of work that the student will be doing.

Specifically, you want to look at features like

  • Operating System
  • The number of available applications
  • Storage capacity and expandability
  • Wi-Fi only versus Cellular capable
  • Available cameras

The options on the market vary greatly across these options, so look at each one closely when you begin shopping around. It may seem daunting, but that level of variety increases your chances of finding something that will be perfect for your needs.

DSR Inc: Your Source for School Tablets

If you need help choosing the best tablets for your school or students’ needs, get in touch with the tablet computer experts at DSR Inc.

We have served computer users across the Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Virginia area since 1986, so we know how to meet your technology needs.

Whether you need computers for children, high school, or college students, we can help you pick the right technology for your students’ success.

DSR offers tablets from all the most popular, industry-leading brands, and are Maryland’s leading authorized computer repair providers. Whether a student’s tablet breaks in or out-of-warranty, DSR has them covered.

So if you’re interested in purchasing the best tablets for schools available, get a consultation with the tablet experts today.

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