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Repair and Replacement of Your Laptop’s Parts

Computers are complex machines, but they’ve become such an integral part of every day life that a problem with a computer can have far reaching consequences. Whether you use your laptop for work or for school, things will be much more difficult without it.

The way many computers are designed, a problem with one component can spell trouble for the entire system. That means you want to address an issue as soon as you notice the problem.

But what are some of these computer parts and how do they fit in with the entire system?

  • The Screen – Unlike what you would experience with a desktop computer, a laptop’s display can’t be detached. Issues like dead pixels and lines on the screen might be minor annoyances, but something like a failure of the screen to turn on even though the laptop is powered can effectively render your laptop useless until you have it looked at.
  • The Motherboard – This is the delicate brain of the computer to which all other components connect to and nothing can work without it. Because it is a delicate and very important part of the computer’s architecture, motherboard replacement is an involved process that needs to be handled by a professional who can make sure it gets done properly.
  • Hard Drive – Sometimes you might need ASUS repair to involve fixing a hard drive due to an issue like firmware corruption or physical failure. Since the hard drive stores all of your information, including the files that the computer needs to actually run, the practices of hard drive repair and recovery need to be taken very seriously.

These are just three of the important components that you might find with a laptop computer but there are many others. As a computer user, it’s important to make sure the machine you rely on is taken care of no matter what the issue is.

We can help make sure that happens.

ASUS Repair & More with DSR

Whether you need an ASUS laptop, netbook, or tablet repaired, the professionals of DSR Inc can help!

As a factory authorized ASUS repair center, we can take any device you bring us, diagnose it, and have it back to you as quickly as possible so you can continue using it for what you need.

Since 1986, our skilled and experienced technicians have worked with business owners and personal computer users in ASUS repair, so we know we can help you get what you need to get back on track.

If you have a problem with any of your ASUS devices, get in touch with us today and let us fix it for you.