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Are you in need of quality Apple Laptop Repair in Baltimore, Columbia, Annapolis, Ellicott City or Silver Spring, Maryland?

We offer expert Apple laptop repair services for your Macbook, Macbook Pro, and Macbook Air laptops.

Our rates are competitive and our technicians are all certified and experienced.

For over 20 years we have been one of the tech-heavy Maryland Metro Region’s top computer sale, repair, and network companies.

We offer drop-off, mail in, and on-site repair and diagnostic services, and all with A+ certified technicians.

Read on to learn more about issues that require Macbook repairs, our Mac laptop repair fees, and the benefits of using our Maryland laptop repair service.

What Issues Could My Apple Laptop Be Having?

Like any other laptop—from the cooling fan to the keyboard to the video card—your Apple device could experience serious issues that require professional repair or replacement.

The best way to discern whether your computer requires serious repair is to have one of our diagnostics. (The diagnostic fee is waived once the estimate for parts and labor is authorized.)

Your issues could be software related—either a problem with your application software (programs you use), the core operating system (the background software that runs the hardware and help the applications communicate), or the programming software (which allows modifications to the other two types).

Any of these types of software could affect your machine’s performance, and our knowledgeable Apple laptop repair staff will be able to fix them quickly and affordably.

If it is not a software problem, it might be a problem with the actual hardware of the device.

This could be in the:

  • CPU (Central Processing Unit)—processes tasks
  • Monitor—the screen
  • Video Card—sends and processes information from the computer to the monitor
  • Sound Card—processes the sound information and send it to the speakers or headphone jack
  • Hard Drive—basically your computer’s long-term memory
  • RAM (Random Access Memory)—your computer’s working or short-term memory
  • Optical Disk—DVD, CDROM, etc.
  • Motherboard—the central communication device that pulls all the component pieces together

Any hardware replacement we use for your Apple laptop repair needs are all from official sources, guaranteed to have your Macbook running in perfect order.

Computer Repair Services and Fees

Diagnostics Fee

$75 (fee is waived when estimate for parts/labor is authorized)

Labor Rate for Out of Warranty Hardware Repairs

$129 (flat rate) plus applicable parts

While You Wait Service

$75 plus any applicable labor/parts charges (Your computer will be diagnosed and if the required parts are in stock — if it is a software-related issue, then we will fix your computer while you wait)

Software Related Repairs

$100 per hour with a 30 minute minimum charge

Hard Drive Data Transfer

$50 minimum (based on amount of data transferred)

Hard Drive Backup to CD or DVD

$100 CD up to 750MB
Each Additional CD’s $20

$150 DVD <4.7GB
Each Additional DVD $40

For other repair rates, including broken laptop screen repair cost, call our technicians for more information.

DSR Is Here To Ease Your Tech-Frustrations

DSR is your number one source for Apple laptop repair in Maryland.

With an expert staff of Baltimore-area computer repair technicians, our laptop repair shop will have your Apple laptop back up and running in no time!