Baltimore Server Solutions


With a full line of servers from the industry’s top manufacturers, DSR can supply the right server for any sized organization.

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Business Desktop Solutions


Offering the finest business grade desktops from the industry’s top manufacturers, including built-to-order units.

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Business Notebook Solutions


Offering the finest business grade notebooks from the industry’s top manufacturers, including built-to-order units. 

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Business Software Solutions in Maryland


Supplying the industry-leading software your business needs to succeed.

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Business Computer Hardware


Complete your technology purchase with our full line of business computer accessories designed to maximize productivity.

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Business Tablet Solutions


DSR has a tablet solution for every budget, offering top-of-the line windows, apple, and android tablets.

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Computer Networking Solutions


Offering the finest networking equipment, along with highly qualified network engineers ready to support your organization.

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Enterprise Storage Solutions

Enterprise Storage

Supplying highly scalable and reliable storage options for organizations of any size.

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Business Printer Solutions


DSR has a printing solution for every organization with a complete line of industry leading laser, inkjet, and 3D printers.

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business equipment

Business Equipment Repairs

With certified repair technicians and a complimentary pick-up and drop-off service, DSR makes it easy to manage your organization’s repair needs.

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