For more than 25 years, DSR has been providing expert computer repair services to businesses and consumers in Baltimore, MD just like you. Regardless of the type of repair you need, DSR can help.

Our technicians are familiar with all the major computer makes and models, and will be able to quickly diagnose and repair your computer.

In-Warranty Hardware Repairs

We our authorized to perform in-warranty service on the following brands:

Toshiba Laptops HP Laptop Repairs  Apple Macbook Services Lenovo Desktops Dell Notebook Repair Solutions 

To check your warranty, visit our warranty check pages or contact DSR for assistance.

Out-of- Warranty Hardware Repairs

If your machine is out of Warranty, DSR is happy to provide easy and affordable repair services. We can perform out of warranty repair on all major computer brands and models. 

Software Repairs

DSR can provide software repairs to resolve a wide variety of the most common software issues, to include:

  • Installation of manufacturer restore disk
  • Virus clean-up (Hard drive removal and scan with our equipment
  • Computer Registry Clean-up
  • Anti-virus installation and full scan
  • Spyware Removal
  • Factory authorized PC repair
  • Anti-Spyware software installation
  • System Tune-up (removal of hidden start-up items and malicious services such as Adware)
  • Data Recovery/Back-up Services
  • Hard Drive Imaging
  • Hard Drive Recovery
  • Complete Installation of operating system and hardware drivers (without manufacturer CD’s)
  • Software application installation
  • Advanced Software configuration Services