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NIST-800-171What is NIST?

The National Institue of Standards and Technology - NIST for short - is a non-regulatory agency of the U.S. Commerce Department, assigned with researching and establishing standards across all federal agencies.

Definition of NIST 800-171

In 2015, the NIST published guidelines documented as NIST 800-171, which purposely ensure that sensitive federal information is safeguarded and remains confidential when stored in non-federal information systems and organizations. The Department of Defense is tasked to enforce these regulations, making compliance absolutely mandatory.

How NIST 800-171 impacts your company?

Federal programs to protect CUI data, such as NIST 800-171, seek to help contractors understand confidentiality requirements for certain records and how to best ensure the privacy of covered information.

From the nonfederal perspective - that of a private business, party or organization working with a federal department or agency - CUI standards are requirements to maintain in good standing as a contractor.

How DSR can help?

To make sure we cover each aspect of the guidelines, we created a Quick Start Compliance Program to help your organizations tackle NIST 800-171 implementation. Our on-site security experts will thoroughly discuss the guidelines that have helped many of our clients achieve 100% compliance from day one.

DSR is always open to working together to minimize challenges and profound implications to ensure compliance does not come at the expense of your business's success. Contact a specialist today to see how DSR can be an asset in your organization's data protection strategy.