Ransomware is a form of malicious malware or software that allows cybercriminals to gain access to a company's network resources via its infection of a vulnerable computer system.  It very quickly cripples the infected organization by encrypting everything on its network (databases, file volumes, documents, etc.) and then offering the decryption key for a ransom payment.

There are many other kinds of content attacks such as phishing, in which an employee receives an email with a link that, when clicked on, automatically downloads malicious software onto the computer that employee is using. These attacks are often executed in conjunction with social engineering techniques to make these emails seem legitimate so that they appear as being sent from a coworker, the CEO, or trusted internal source. Others types of attacks involve viruses, worms, Trojans, ‘drive-by downloads,' and web application attacks.

DSR provides ransomware removal, malware removal and CryptoLocker removal services to businesses of all sizes.

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Many businesses employ layers of security on their computer networks yet still find they're vulnerable to these events. DSR can help identify the existing weaknesses in your company's network and provide removal services for computer systems infected with ransomware and CryptoLocker malware. DSR can work with your organization to provide appropriate solutions, including endpoint security, security awareness training for employees, data backup solutions, and others so that it has best available protection in place against this ever-growing and changing cyber threat landscape.

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