We offer professional network security consulting & auditing services to organizations of all sizes. Our expert network security consultants can help you identify security threats and weaknesses in your computer network and mitigate them with a variety of solutions.

Don't allow your valuable data to be compromised or stolen by hackers. Protect your business and your customers by hardening your network security today. You're not alone, DSR can help you choose the right solutions to properly defend your network and we can do it within a budget that you can afford.


DSR provides network security consulting & auditing services. Here's why you should use us:

  • Network Security Experts - We know IT security. We've been proudly serving this area since 1986. IT Security is an area you don't want an amatuer helping you with. We are proven IT security professionals.
  • Security Audits - We perform complete security audits that will show you where you are now, where you need to be and how best to get there. It will show vulnerable systems and out of date software on your network. It will help you identify key areas of your business and how to protect them. We then use this report to give you a comprehensive view into your company. You can then use this report to check off each item as it is fixed or addressed.
  • Full Service or As Needed - Some clients prefer to have us manage their IT security year round. Others only want to bring us in to address a specific concern. Regardless of your needs we can help you a lot or a little, it's up to you.

Just think of us as your trusted network security partner, we’re always here and ready to help!