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DSR has premier level partnerships with most major software manufactures, allowing us to offer the software you need to run your organization at the most competitive prices.

MS Productivity Software

Productivity Software Suites

Microsoft Office has long been the leader among productivity software suites, and as a Microsoft partner DSR can supply Microsoft Office at great prices. Whether you need a license for a single machine or want to deploy Microsoft Office 365 throughout an entire organization, DSR can help. We also sell iWork, Google Apps for Business, and other popular productivity software suites.

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Anti-virus Business Software

Security & Antivirus Software

he proper security and antivirus software is essential to your organizations success. DSR offers a full line of competitively priced security software suites from industry leaders such as ESET, Kaspersky, Norton, Symantec, and McAffee. DSR staff can work with you to determine which software is best for your organization.

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Creative Business Software

Creative Software Suites

DSR sells a variety of creative software, including the industry leading Adobe Creative Suite. Our partnership Adobe allows us to offer Creative Suite software at excellent prices.

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