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Are you in need of computer maintenance in Maryland near BaltimoreHanover, Annapolis, and Columbiaareas?

If you consider your computer as an investment then it only makes sense that you take the proper maintenance precautions.

While we offer computer diagnostics and computer repair after a problem has already occurred, attentiveness to maintenance can prevent them altogether which adds years to the life of your valuable machine.

The Benefits of Computer Maintenance

Computers can be expensive and replacing them isn’t necessary or can been avoided in most circumstances.

Not to mention, a computer prone to malfunction can slow down and cause headaches months before a terminal shutdown.

To keep a fast computer and maintain sanity, an ongoing sutainment effort is your best defense.

Additionally, by avoiding the purchase of a new computer you can steer clear of annoying data file transfers or losing your saved files altogether.

A good maintenance schedule is a great way of preventing issues involving:

  • Power supply
  • Blue screens of death
  • Viruses and malware
  • Spontaneous reboots
  • Registry errors
  • RAM shortage
  • and more

How Do We Do It?

DSR trained technicians are wizards at the art of diagnosing the condition of a computer.

Heat is the number one contributor to worn out computer components and slowed performance.

We are able to regularly perform a comprehensive analysis of the effect that heat has had on your machine and correct the existing risks.

Proper ventilation and dust management keep a healthy machine in working order.

By replacing fans and removing dust at a good frequency, we can save you from purchasing a new computer before needed.

We also check to see that all the components have maintained a secure connection and are in proper orientation for longevity.

Additionally, we can prescribe the proper softwares to fend off viruses and position your computer for self-maintenance.

Need server repair? We can fix and maintain your servers to restore business continuity and prevent data loss.

Those are the basic components of our computer maintenance services, but we go even more in depth during our standard evaluations.

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