Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) upfront benefits

Hyperconvergence is an evolution away from discrete, hardware-defined systems that are connected and packaged together toward a purely software-defined environment. In this environment all functional elements run on commercial, off-the-shelf servers, with the merging of elements enabled by a hypervisor.

Hyperconvergence includes the ability to plug and play into a data-center pool of systems. All physical data-center resources reside on a single administrative platform for both hardware and software layers. Having an HCI setup eliminates traditional data-center inefficiencies and reduces the total operating cost while delivering simplicity and flexibility compared with legacy solutions.


DSR provides HCI Support

We configure HCI to make sharing, accessing, and sending data across multiple functions efficient and fast.

HCI is capable of eliminating redundancy while maintaining simplicity and improving the overall goal of data-protection functionalities. Distributing data across multiple nodes, ensures that when one piece of hardware goes down, the overall business performance and data availability won't be affected.

We focus on restoring critical systems right away to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster. HCI allows us to react efficiently and restore infrastructure as soon as possible, with the ability to prioritize certain workloads over others.

One of the top benefits of HCI is that it provides businesses with greater levels of flexibility and scalability at a significantly lower cost than the traditional data-center. You no longer have to purchase numerous components from multiple vendors, instead, we will handle the entire process of HCI implementation and customization.



Hyper converged infrastructure is the go-to for  modern business technology infrastructure. It brings data protection, efficient backup and recovery, and flexible cost-effective scalability.

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