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A well configured and maintained IT environment is essential to business success. The IT industry moves so quickly it is easy to fall behind. Fortunately, by engaging a team of computer technology specialists, it doesn’t have to.

Many benefits are experiencing the benefits of outsourced IT.  When a company relies on outsourced IT, a third party manages important functions such as:

  • Network Set up- Your network is central to your business, and you want to make sure its set up right the first time.
  • Network Monitoring- Once your business network is set up, you need to be sure that it is always running smoothly. With constant monitoring and support, issues that arise can be addressed sooner than later.
  • Network security- With security compromises taking on so many different forms, watching for them yourself can often be a full time task. Let DSR guard your network.

In addition to these important tasks, DSR goes beyond what you can expect from most managed IT services. These areas include:

  • Computer Part Repair- When something goes wrong with your hardware, you need it fixed or replaced as soon as possible. Where as many managed IT firms have to turn this over to a repair company, DSR can manage this in-house, resolving your hardware issues quickly and easily.
  • Hardware Purchasing- Whether you are expanding or replacing existing equipment, at some point you’ll need new hardware. DSR’s network, repair, and sales division can work together to help you choose the best equipment for your business, install that equipment, and maintain it.