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Buy SMART: 5 Reasons to buy Business Grade Computers

By on May 16, 2014

Computer manufacturers offer a variety of models, which they distinguish as either business or consumer grade computers—but what’s the difference? Consumer grade models are designed for individual use and are typically sold at the retail level. You see consumer grade models all the time in big box stores, catalogs and advertisements.

But, are they a good buy?

For some users with very basic computer needs a consumer grade model is a good choice. But for businesses, organizations, and individuals who use their computer for work or school, a business grade model is a far better option. So what exactly distinguishes a business model from the competition and why should you buy business grade computers? We have identified 5 aspects of business computers that set them apart.

Business grade computers are:


Business grade model are built with security in mind. With electronic crime and data theft on the rise, the extra security features offered on business models have never been more valuable. From fingerprint scanners to data encryption capabilities, business models deliver the protection you need for your device and network, regardless of your industry.


Business grade models are easily maintained for a much longer lifecycle than their consumer-grade counterparts. Manufacturers typically offer better base warranties on their business grade machines, and provide far more extended warranty options than are available for consumer models. Does your organization refresh its PCs on a three year cycle? Most business grade models come standard with a three year warranty. Buying a student device that is expected to last through four years of school? No problem! With business grade models you have the option to purchase a four year extended warranty that can even include accidental damage protection. The bottom line: in high use environments like businesses and schools, these superior warranty options translate into far lower maintenance costs and increased productivity. Using business grade models also makes it easier for organizations to maintain their IT strategy. Business grade models (and their corresponding accessories) stay on the market for far longer than consumer models. This makes it easy to grow your organization and bring on new devices within your existing IT environment.


It is easy to adapt a business grade computer to your specific needs, or the needs of your organization. This is because manufacturers allow these commercial machines to be custom built with a variety of specifications. A business sales professional, like those at DSR, can work with you to understand your organization and determine which specifications you’ll need. Unlike the fixed price and performance capabilities of consumer models, business grade machines can be easily adapted and configured to meet both your needs and budget.


Business grade machines consistently outlast and perform their consumer grade counterparts. They are built with higher quality materials and name brand parts to ensure they are optimized for maximum reliability. On the outside, these machines are cased in higher quality metals, such as high-strength precision-formed aluminum, which are far more durable than the plastic used in many consumer models.

TESTED- Business grade models are tested and expected to meet much higher standards for performance and durability than any consumer grade model. In fact, the vast majority of business grade models undergo military-level testing to conform to the governments Mil-Spec requirements. Though this doesn’t mean the machine is unbreakable, it certainly can withstand far more than any of its consumer grade counterparts. 

So when it is time to make your next computer purchase, remember the SMART acronym and the 5 reasons to buy business grade computers. Let DSR help you find a business grade notebook or desktop that fits your needs.

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