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Computers in the Classroom

By on July 2, 2012

A Plea for Computers for the Classroom

In today’s educational system having computers for the classroom gives students and instructors access to an infinite amount of information and possibilities. Technology is designed to empower those who seek to utilize it, from smart phones to content management systems. In the case of education, students and teachers alike can benefit from having computers for the classroom.

Keep reading for five reasons on how computers can benefit schools and their students.


At your local library there is a wealth of information available at your fingertips. In the case of children and their education, wouldn’t you want them to have all the information a library has to offer in the classroom? One could argue that the school library is sufficient enough, but with today’s technological standards, a computer can house the information found in thousands of libraries into one convenient and easy to use space. With that level of accessibility, students will never have to look far for answers.

Educational Benefits

Most children will answer that school can be somewhat boring when asked; however with a computer a child can be learning and not even know it. With computers for the classroom, instructors and teachers can design and develop lesson plans and programs that allow students to have fun and learn at the same time. Teachers have developed “edutainment” (a combination of education and entertainment) lesson plans before, and with the help of a computer, facilitating a student’s learning with fun tasks and games is easier than ever.

Increases Aptitude

As a technologically based society, an individual who is not able to grasp and utilize emerging and present technologies is at a disadvantage. If schools begin using computers for the classroom, students are not only learning their daily lesson, they are learning how to function in society. Social norms notwithstanding, a child’s ability to use a computer can sufficiently increase their aptitude when they are presented with challenging tasks. In turn, this makes learning new skills easier.

Broaden Educational Horizons

As mentioned above computers and technology as a whole allows for an infinite amount of learning opportunities. When children are encouraged use computers, they are also encouraged to explore and discover things about the world we live in. With a computer’s innate ability to connect users to a wealth of information, children will see learning as something fun and view education as a tool used to connect them with things they are interested in.

Promotes Independence and Social Awareness

As children get older, their interests change. If a child grows up with computers for the classroom, by the time they reach high school and college, the computer has been integrated into their way of life. When children use computers for answers, they are developing a sense of independence. Instead of asking someone for answers, using a computer allows them to search for answers themselves, and in turn promotes independent thinking.

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