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Quick Guide to Evaluating Ultrabooks for Business

By on October 22, 2012

Is your business looking to modernize your IT infrastructure with new computer technology?

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Intel has just released the newest in ultra portable, ultra secure, Ultrabook Laptop PCs, designed to be loved by the modern employee - without sacrificing the needs of corporate IT infrastructure & enterprise security.

With its sleek design and high-level of portability, Intel's has crafted the Ultrabook for today's mobility-oriented workplace. For the right balance of performance, convenience and reliability, more and more businesses are discovering the value of Intel's latest notebook device.

This whitepaper evaluates the suitability of Ultrabook devices for the Enterprise environment. Here's a sneak peek at what you'll discover in this free download:


How to Decide if Enterprise-Class Ultrabook Computers Are Right for Your Business

Read on to learn more about Ultrabooks for business!

Whitepaper Executive Overview

Intel IT is proactively gathering data about Ultrabook™ devices and how they fit into the enterprise, in anticipation of a wave of new devices and form factors, and the associated expectations from employees who want to buy and use these devices at work.

We recognize the strong connections between the consumerization of IT and the evolving concept of mobility as a way of working. However, our research has shown that not all devices are well suited for secure, productive business usage.

We have evaluated both consumer-level Ultrabook devices and enterprise-level Ultrabook devices to help determine the business value they may bring to the IT environment. We continue to explore use cases and device capabilities to determine which devices best balance employees’ needs for convenience and productivity.

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