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Introducing Complete Uptime Solutions For Business IT

By on November 20, 2012

DSR is excited to introduce complete business uptime & disaster recovery solutions!

In partnership with cloud-based data protection leader Axcient, DSR's business IT customers can eliminate network downtime, protect data & systems, and increase productivity!

Axcient Cloud Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity SolutionOr watch the video overview! »

Axcient is the leading cloud-based platform for businesses looking for comprehensive systems security management.

With data backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery capabilities, Axcient's platform offers a total data protection system. Use Axcient's advanced, all-in-one solution to:

Eliminate Downtime

Get rid of downtime and data loss for good, with the only unified cloud platform that allows you to securely store, completely protect, and instantly recover your business data and IT systems in any emergency.

Protect Data and Systems

Traditional backup and disaster recovery aren’t enough for today’s small and medium sized businesses. Axcient’s purpose-built technology now makes it possible to have anytime, access to your data, applications and systems for complete business continuity.

Increase Your Productivity

Optimize your business with business continuity, and avoid the loss of productivity, revenue, and reputation caused by downtime. With Axcient, focus on your business, not IT risks. Learn how to maximize your ROI with business continuity in this informative download.


Discover Axcient's Cloud-Based Data Protection Solution


Whitepaper Preview: Complete Data Protection as a Service

Learn more about Axcient's all-in-one systems management solution!In this age of information, this means you need your servers, desktops and applications up and running, all the time.Each year a business is guaranteed to have many productivity hits whether it is a stolen laptop, a failed email server or an accidentally deleted file or folder. Some incidences are minor and some are major, but one thing is consistent: all of these occurrences negatively affect employees and customers and therefore the bottom line.

According to a recent survey conducted by IDC the average small to midsize U.S. business has a collection of four or more data protection technologies in place to help reduce downtime and increase uptime. However, despite throwing people and technology at the problem of downtime, 60% report still having data recovery issues.

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