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Why You Need an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

By on January 21, 2013

Why You Need An IT Disaster Recovery PlanDo you have an IT disaster recovery plan in place?

If not, are you aware of just how important it is to have one?

It matters more than you think for a number of reasons.

Imagine the day at your office starts just like any other. You come in first thing in the morning, and the rest of your team follows suit over the next few minutes. From there, people go from getting settled, to checking email, to starting the day's work.

The day goes as it always does until disaster strikes and catches everyone by surprise. It started with the network slowing to a crawl and escalated to a full network outage that's left everyone unable to get any work done.

What happens next?

If you have an IT disaster recovery plan, then you have nothing to worry about.

If you don't have one, then keep reading to learn just what you need to do.

Small Business and the IT Disaster

Regardless of a company's size or industry, IT likely plays an important role in that company's operation.

What does matter is the state that a computer system disaster can leave a company in if one were to occur.

As a small business, you want to consider your IT infrastructure and the role it plays in your company's development.

Your employees need the network to communicate and collaborate, you likely have servers that you keep important information on, and your workstations need to be up and running at all times to keep the business going.

Because this technology plays such integral role in what you do, it should be your priority to ensure it you have a plan in place in case something happens and you're forced to deal with a temporary loss of the use of your network or hardware.

The Cost of Data Loss

When you face a situation that forces downtime, there is a lot more to deal with than the immediate fallout.

Without putting an IT disaster recovery plan in place, your company could face hours or even days of lost productivity and revenue.

Would your employees know how to communicate or continue to perform their duties? Likewise, how will anyone know what takes priority when your company has to recover from disaster?

These are important questions that your company needs to ask when thinking about disaster recovery. Without developing answers to these questions, something as simple as a power outage can cause much more havoc than it has to.

Recovering and Protecting Your Data

At the core of any issue involving IT and disasters is the actual data that you keep stored on your computers.

That information can range from basic information about your employees to company secrets involving processes and proprietary technology. Databases containing this information take years of dedication and strategy to build, but a disaster can threaten to erase it all in a matter of seconds.

The most important reason that a small business needs an IT disaster recovery plan is to keep from having to start over, or even potentially close its doors.

The information collected while growing a small business is responsible for what it eventually becomes, but providing security from unauthorized access is often the furthest a firm will go to protect that information.

As shown here, developing a multi-step data disaster recovery plan that involves everything from establishing a policy to testing the plan and training employees is essential to getting your operation up and running as soon as possible following a disaster.

Your situation could involve the failure of a server component, theft of equipment, or even something catastrophic like a natural disaster. Whatever the case might be, you'll find it much easier to mitigate the damage with an IT disaster recovery plan.

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