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Top Ten Mac Shortcut Keys to Increase Productivity

By on December 10, 2012

Apple computers are already capable of doing a lot, but with the right Mac shortcut keys, a user can make much more efficient use of their time.

You probably rely on your computer to do just about everything, whether it's simple or complex, so it makes sense that you would want to go about every task in the easiest way possible.

And that's what we'll explore here in this post.

So keep reading to learn about some of the essential Mac shortcut keys that you need to know about and just how they'll improve your productivity so you can get more done.


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The Apple Shortcut Keys Every Mac User Should Know

Whether you use your computer for more basic functions, rely on your computer to do your job, or you're a power user who stays connected, it seems like certain things take longer to do than they should, doesn’t it?

Here are some of the top Apple commands that will help you no matter what kind of Apple user you might be.

The Basic User

Even if you're the sort of user who doesn't do much beyond the basics, there are still a few shortcuts you should learn in order to make your life easier.

Among them are:

  1. Moving to the Start/End of the Line – If you're writing a paper for class, then it helps to know just how to move lines to the beginning and end of a line for quick editing. To do it, hold down command and press left or right, depending on where you want to move
  1. Cutting, Copying, and Pasting – Whether you want to duplicate words, hold down command and press X, C, and V respectively to make it happen.
  1. Find – It can be frustrating not being able to locate a line of text in a document or on a web page. Hold down command and press X to make that frustration go away.

For those who have a lot to do:

There are particular Mac shortcut keys that could prove to be beneficial to people who spend a lot of time online. Save time and find information faster by knowing the following shortcuts.

  1. New Window – Whether you want to open a window to put in a second monitor or you simply want a blank one to use later, you can speed the process up by pressing control and the N key.
  1. Close Window – You can just as easily close that window or any others that you have open by pressing control and the W key. This is especially useful if you tend to open a lot of windows and don't realize it until things have gotten out of control.

For All Users

There are a lot of different Mac shortcut keys out there that would be a big help no matter what kind of user you are. These are some of them:

  1. Help – Need to find a quick answer to something? Hit the command button, the shift key, and the forward slash.
  1. Save – Saving work in your applications is something you should do often. By pressing command and the S key, you can do it quickly and never lose anything again.
  1. Quit – When you need to quit an application, press the command key and Q to do it right away.
  1. Empty Trash – Emptying the trash is something that should be done often to ensure you always have space on your hard drive and you can make sure that's a reality by hitting shift, command, and the delete key
  1. Shut down – Finally, when you're ready to turn your computer off, do it quickly by pressing control, option, command, and eject all at once.

While there are seemingly countless Mac shortcut keys out there that can save you time and make computer use easier, the ten listed above are among the most useful.

Shortcut keys on a Mac are designed to let you carry out both basic and advanced functions much more quickly than you'd be able to with a point and click of the mouse. Learn how to use those described above, and you'll be that much better and making the most of your time and getting everything you can from your Apple computer.

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