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Discover Killer New Features in Microsoft Office 2013

By on December 6, 2012

Microsoft's New Office 2013 is Tablet Ready

DSR is pleased announce it will soon offer licensing for Microsoft Office 2013 for both home and business users.


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Killer New Features in Microsoft Office 2013

The new version of Microsoft Office is optimized for today's cloud-based, multi-device computing environment. Whether you are using a PC, Tablet, or Smartphone, Office 2013's interface is fast, intuitive, and immersive.

Office 2013 offers a host of groundbreaking new features, including:

  1. Fast and fluid experience with touch, pen, mouse & keyboard
  2. Immersive touch-optimized Windows 8 apps
  3. Optimized for the Cloud
  4. Edit PDF content easily with PDF reflow
  5. Excel: Flash fill, Recommended charts, Power View
  6. Social: Multi-Party HD Video**, Skype Federation, Feeds and people card**
  7. ...and more!

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Why You Need to Upgrade ASAP

If you are still running Office 2003 or Windows XP on your computer, it is critical for you to upgrade to Microsoft Office 2013 ASAP. Why?

After April 8, 2014, Microsoft will end support for these versions of Windows and Office. If you fail to upgrade, you will be at risk for several issues, including:

  • Security
  • Compatibility
  • Compliance

While these risks apply especially to businesses, home users will also experience serious compatibility issues if they do not upgrade before this date.

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Preview Microsoft Office 2013: New Features & Why They Matter

The new Office brings your familiar Office applications and documents, business-grade email, calendar, and video conferencing across nearly all your devices – from PCs to smartphones to tablets. You can get the new Office through Office 365 cloud subscription or Office on premises perpetual licenses. This document focuses on the benefits of Office on premises through Open Volume Licensing.

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