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Top Tech News Stories For May 2013

By on May 22, 2013

At DSR-Inc, we like to keep our customers informed of the latest & most important trends in business computer technology.

In this post, we've hand-picked four articles that will help your organization stay on the cutting-edge of tech. Read on to get important tech information that we hope will help you thrive.

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Is Mobile Technology Outpacing Your Organization?

With the exponential rise of mobile technology, technology companies and other businesses need a strong mobility strategy in order to stay competitive.

Unfortunately, many business and tech leaders admit that they are falling behind on developing a path to meet the demands of the Mobile Age. Some shocking statistics include:

  • 78% of executives rank their mobility strategies as "low-to-medium" maturity, indicating a low level of effort to adapt.
  • 40% evaluate their mobility strategy as "weak."
  • 41% have trouble finding and attracting the talent and skills necessary to manage in-house mobility efforts.

Additionally, CIOs and executives seem to struggle with finding a mobility vendor with the skills and resources necessary to fully-implement a mobility strategy.

Where do you fit on the mobility bell curve? Is your organization ready for the mobile revolution?

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Stumped about your organization's mobility strategy? Click here for help.

Discover The Future of Ethernet Technology

What's next for Ethernet technology? With the massive growth of internet availability and mobile connections set to surpass the human population, Ethernet capabilities will need to grow substantially to adapt to the coming demand.

The good news? The power of Ethernet is rapidly accelerating to meet that demand head-on. Studies are already in progress to deliver a 400Gbps Ethernet bandwidth standard to accommodate expanded bandwidth from social media, video, and other emerging content platforms.

What else does the future hold for Ethernet? This article makes some future predictions that just might make your jaw drop.

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8 Features That Are Essential For Your Business Router

If your router is the core of your office's network, consider your options carefully. While many standard router models are available, more enhanced models may be necessary to deliver the flexibility and functionality your organization needs to thrive.

A few features you may want to consider include:

  • Wi-Fi Accessibility: Deliver internet access to devices with Wi-Fi adapters, and improve your organization's mobility.
  • Guest-Level Access: Accommodate your clients and partners' Wi-Fi needs without compromising security with wireless guest access capabilities.
  • Malware and Spam Protection: You want to make sure your organization's assets are secure, so make sure to choose a router with built-in anti-malware features.

This article reveals 8 total features to seek out in a business router, and provides some reliable options for both consumer and business-class routers.

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Facing IT Department Overload? Check Out These Top Prevention Tips

Is your IT department trying to juggle the never-ending demands of your organization's executives?

Don't worry, you're not alone. Many organizations' IT teams face massive work backlogs, resulting in most time being spent putting out fires and hustling to meet impossible project deadlines.

But a few simple tweaks can make your IT department's life simpler. In this article, you'll learn:

  • How to measure your organization's IT capacity
  • When and how to say no to an new IT project
  • When you should seek out help from third-party IT contractors
  • ...and more!

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